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Anti- Bullying Week

Mt. Hermon School becomes a Bully Free Zone

In honor of Bullying Awareness Month, the Mt. Hermon PBIS team donated two “Bully Free Zone” signs to the Mt. Hermon School. The two signs will be visible on the entrance gates to Mt. Hermon School, displaying the no tolerance policy for bullies on our campus.

Students, faculty and staff have chosen to take a stand against Bullying at Mt. Hermon School. During the month of October, students participated in events and activities that sponsored this Anti-Bullying Campaign. The PBIS team organized an Orange Day to show support of being against bullying, a student pledge to take a stand against Bullying and a Coloring Contest for Grades Pre-K – 5 to “Be a Friend, Not a Bully”. Bullying can be harmful to a student’s self-esteem, no matter what age.


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