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Welcome to an exciting year at Mount Hermon School! The faculty and staff are looking forward to educating our students to become successful and productive citizens. We are thankful for our parents and community who share their children with us every day. 


“We are all about spirit and makin’ some racket. Our students are courageous, the best you will find, polite and respectful, courteous and kind. Other words to describe us and how we are:  enthusiastic, ambitious, the brightest by far, honest, and trustworthy, conscientious, too. Our students excel in all that they do!” 

At M.H.S., we are Maintaining High Standards.

We invite our families to motivate and encourage their children to develop good study habits, to focus on becoming great readers, and to strive to excel academically.

Together, we will help our students succeed.




 Assistant Principal of Discipline and Athletic Director

Jeff Thomas


As assistant principal at Mt. Hermon School, I recognize the importance of safety, discipline, and student engagement.  The administration, teachers, and staff are committed to ensuring all students receive a safe and challenging education with multiple learning opportunities.  Please do not hesitate to call or stop in with any questions or concerns.




Assistant Principal of Instruction

Lee Bond


My decision to become an administrator came from a strong desire to make a positive impact on an entire school and community. As the Assistant Principal, I will work diligently with our faculty and staff to carry out the vision and mission of Mt. Hermon School.

I believe that a school plays a fundamental role in positioning students for future success. I am committed to working closely with teachers, parents, and community members to ensure our children achieve their full potential and are prepared for their next phase of their education career.  We, at MHS, are always preparing our students for Success!!




Becky Graves




Resource Officer

Lionel Mark








~Courage, Honor, Attitude, Motivation, Perservere, Integrity, Optimistic, Necessary; never give up~




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